Hartschuh Dairy Farm: Crawford County, Ohio

Our Story

Hartschuh Dairy Farm began in its current form in 1982 as a venture between Allen and Diane Hartschuh, who own and operate the farm today. Allen and Diane were both raised on farms, and they have been milking together since they were first married. The farm has been in the Hartschuh family for four generations. It is recognized as an Ohio Century Farm, with ownership being recorded since 1889 in Allen's family. Allen and Diane have three sons: Greg, Brian, and Jason, all who are involved on the farm in some aspect.

Greg graduated from The Ohio State University in 2006 and has been employed full-time on the farm since then. He handles equipment maintenance and manages the farm's crops. Greg is married to Rose, who works from home on a variety of projects. They have two children, Dwight and Jordan, who are two.

Brian graduated in June of 2011 with a doctorate of veterinary medicine. He is married to Emily. They have one son, Richard, who is one. Brian works off the farm as a veterinarian and helps out with herd health.

Jason, the youngest, is a graduate of Ohio State, with a degree in animal science. He is employed by Ohio State University Extension in Crawford County. He helps with day-to-day farm chores related to cows and crops, such as handling the vaccination program for the herd and field work.

Each of Allen and Diane's sons have their own unique talents and strengths. They are constantly looking for ways to do things better and more efficient. They hope to grow the family farm to sustain another generation.

Allen and Diane
The Kids

Left- Allen and Diane. Right- Rose, Greg, Jason, Brian, and Emily

The farm is located in rural Ohio, which enables the fertile farmland to produce crops to feed the cows. Dial Dairy produces almost all of its own feed for the cows, which produce natural fertilizer to keep the crops growing. Currently, the farm milks approximately 150 cows, and it also keeps replacement heifers to work into the milking rotation. It keeps the family busy, but we wouldn't have it any way!