Hartschuh Dairy Farm: Crawford County, Ohio


Whether it's repairing equipment or creating a new use for old equipment, Greg and Jason specialize in fabrication. Here are a few projects they have successfully completed. They welcome projects from other farmers and equipment owners.

reel cart
surface applicators

This drag hose cart was refabricated by moving the outside ring and spoke farther from the center. The resulting cart held more hose than what was originally able to be stored.

This is a surface applicator for the manure dragline. It covers a surface area of 30 feet while also controlling the amount of application.

fuel pump

By creating a tandom hitch, Greg and Jason were able to fasten two hay rakes together, which now allows twice as much hay to be raked at a time. The rakes fold in line together to allow for easy transport.

Greg and Jason perform nearly all of the maintenance on our farm's equipment, and they're always willing to help other farmers. Recently, they successfully replaced a fuel pump in an International 1586.