Hartschuh Dairy Farm: Crawford County, Ohio

Dairy Cattle

Our herd is comprised of 160 registered Holsteins. Our cows are registered with the Dial prefix, which is a combination of the names Diane and Allen. All of our heifers and cows are artificially inseminated with quality semen from COBA/Select Sires and Genex Cooperative. We pride ourselves on maintaining a herd that is comprised of solid genetics.

From the time our calves are born, we give them individual care. They grow to be healthy and tame heifers, and then they are bred to become milk cows with solid production records. We use Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) records to monitor our milk production and components and also ensure that are cows are producing a healthy product for the end consumer. We do not use artificial growth hormones in our cows and only use antibiotics as necessary for the well-being of our animals. All of our milk is processed locally in Ohio under the Dairymen's brand.